OXYNOVA Hyperbaric chambers
This company does not sell to the USA. Canadian based company ONLY.
I talked to the people there they seem to have an answer for every question on my questions and answers page. I asked them over 100 questions and they answered them almost 100% differently than the other companies. Too bad they don't sell to the states. The owner of the company is a professional scuba diver too. 

They make their chambers in Canada since 2005, they don't buy assembled parts and put them together there from 3rd world countries.

​The materials they us are different than the other chambers I have reviewed. They don't use UPC or the PU that others use it in their bladders for people that are chemically sensitive to any plastic leaching smells. They use Teflon (PTFE if you want to google it) that is about 4 times expensive as any other bladder material so it has no emissions.

The bladder also has a sheathed covering on the outside to give the bladder strength and to protect it more.

Teflon does not require belts as it does not stretch when under pressure. It will not expand like certain urethanes over time. Their frames are stainless steal that takes 30 seconds to click in and the cool thing is that it has no screws so it is quick. It is heavier than the plastic or tin frames but worth carrying the extra weight. The steal can also be infused unlike tin or plastic which makes a night and day difference in my session. Infused frames can be very expensive. I will give my cost to infuse the frame if someone really needs it. You can also wrap a plastic frame in infused aluminum which is much cheaper.

​Their mattress was more comfortable than my own bed. It has orthopedic foam which they say is guaranteed for 20 years. Only time will tell for that. They also have 8 windows in each hyperbaric chamber they make, even their smallest ones. This is the most windows I've ever seen on a chamber, even for their smallest ones.

​Another thing neat is they can customize when ordering based on the customers needs as many universal pass through ports as needed for things you might want to put in the chamber, such as LED lights, handles, oxygen tubes, etc. They make their pass through ports and fittings with Delrin ©. I tried to find this at Home depot and hardware stores, they didn't have it.

They have a 1.3 ATA and a 1.4 ATA chamber and make different sizes with each. The 1.4 ATA models have triple ply windows, and 3 zippers. Their bladders are 24% thicker than their 1.3 ATA versions. At first I had an argument with them when I thought they charged more just to adjust the pressure more. It was the thickest bladder I have ever felt.

​OxyNova compressors:

Their compressors are from GAST. They deliver 4 cubic feet a minute at 4.3 psi. Most of the ones I have seen are rated at 1.5 CFM at 4.3 psi. It is slightly louder but not enough to get pissed. It is about 3 times the power though of most compressors I have seen. I can feel the tingle from this compressor when infused. Its worth the extra noise just for that. Most people put on headphones anyway if they don't like hearing any air noise inside the chamber. Hiblow is the brand that other companies use. Soon, I am going to make a comparison on air compressors, just like I did when everyone keeps asking me about oxygen concentrators so I built OxygenConcentratorsReviewed.com. I am serious when I want to know the truth about things.

​Oxynova has a 3 year warranty on all their chambers and they also have better prices if you have other brands you need to get repaired but they are in canada and takes longer to get it back, only downfall.

The manufacture does not sell direct. You are welcome to call them with any questions. These can only be sold and shipped to Canada. Whatever happens after that, its up to you :)

1.3 ATA 25 inches diameter chamber is 13,995$, full equipped
1.3 ATA 30 inches diameter chamber is 18,995 $, full equipped
1.3 ATA 35 inches diameter chamber is 24,995 $, full equipped
These are retail prices only. 

Contact me if you can have this chamber shipped to Canada only. It has to be actually delivered to Canada even if it is dropped off at a UPS store and whatever you do after the sale is made is up to you. If you need financing, I can refer you to places that can help you.
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